Dig on, Good Boy

With galaxies and universes, countless planets like our planet,

Earth and its continents, isn’t it blatantly obvious that even relevant 

people have minuscule relevance,

evolution of man is incomprehensible in its definitive elegance,

but, what’s most important to me is less intricate and truly transparent,

a three-letter word that starts with a “d” and ends with a “g”,

without my furry cuddle buddy and all-time best friend of friends,

I’d have no means to an end,

my existence and this poem would be quite frivolous,

given that this is givenness

from the start to the end,

like a bark in the distance fading away in the wind,

what an ominous feeling

that reality is profoundly unappealing

but a seed that must be planted into my subconscious

a true conscious reminder to never take you for granted, 

each day and every hour

our bond is unspoken, like that of my kin

but indisputable in its magnitude,

reflected through my imminent and perpetual exponential gratitude

the treats that you love that I love to give you, serve as my appreciation 

of your existence,

never a quid pro quo,

just a token I’ve given you since you learned how to sit, roll, stop and go

it’s a marriage with no due date, without the need for a woman or man,

life is simply impossible, not doable, your inception is my beginning, my 

furry pal, my roommate, a quintessential bond, a man’s best friend.

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